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Gillyflowers are thought of as a traditional bloom originating in the Mediterranean and is historically one of the original “romantic” plants for lovers. The symbolism of the stock flower dates back to centuries ago in England where it was used as a type of currency to buy parcels of land. Gillyflower stands for accepting and enjoying the life you have been given, endless beauty, purity, adoration, and a religious connection.  In general, this flower represents a long lived life, luck and immense happiness so it’s a wonderful choice for weddings, births and special anniversaries. This symbolic flower combined with the authentic design of Lilit Khachatryan creates something unique. 

Order this beautiful and unique arrangement at Kenneth Village Flowers. We proudly serve our customers for 21 years and are one of the most well-known flower and gift shops in Glendale, CA.


Important Note! The flowers in this arrangement might be replaced if the current flower in the picture is not available in the particular time of the year. We recommend to consult with the shop to make sure that all the flowers on the item are available before making your purchase.