Flower Care

For Bouquets, pick a clean suitable size vase and fill it with fresh water; if available add flower preservative as per instruction. You can add a small amount of sugar as food.
Remove all bouquet packaging carefully but leave the string that is holding it in shape. You can remove the string once the flowers are in the vase.
Make a diagonal cut about 1 or 2 inches from the base of each stem, this provides a larger surface area for your flowers to take in water.
Remove all leaves from the stems up to the height of the vase; the foliage should never come into contact with water.
Arrange your flowers in the vase, add a little water depending on the height of the stems and display away from direct sunlight, source of heat or draft.
Roses should preferably be kept in a cool place in shade.
Every 2 or 3 days re-cut the stems and change the water. Try and keep water level consistent by topping up.

For Arrangements, there is little you need to do; do not remove stems from the foam, and make sure the block of foam is moist.
We do not recommend to change the container in which your arrangement arrives in. Add water into the container every 2 or 3 days.

Orchids should be handled with extra care; remove the plastic tube, cut the stem and display it in a tall, slender vase to support the stem.
Flowers and in particular orchids should be placed away from fruits for longer vase life.

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