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We believe ours is truly a blessed profession

Our Story

Our story began in Kenneth Village some 2 decades ago, when we opened our doors and started serving our neighborhood and community. With hard work and a love of our profession, we gradually made a name for ourselves and have become one of the most preferred florists in greater Los Angeles.

A florist’s work has the ability to touch people’s lives. It’s true ! A simple arrangement can transform how a person feels. That’s why we believe ours is truly a blessed profession.
We believe flowers should be affordable so that they are abundant in your life; to stimulate your senses, to enhance your experiences, to enrich your daily life and to inspire you to reach for all the good things this world has to offer.

“Imagine the power rooted in a stem of flower;
it breaks the ice,
brings on a smile,
draws people closer,
warms a heart,
creates a bond,
makes friends of strangers … and I can go on.”

The essence of our business is building lifelong relationships with our customers. From the shower ceremony of your newly born through to graduation, engagement and wedding, we are here for you and your memorable moments and milestones.

Our customers continue to call us, after they move to faraway places like Sydney, London, New York, Alaska and other parts of the US, when they want to send flowers to a loved one here in LA.

With a strong sense of community, we have developed lasting relationships with schools, churches, charities and other institutions in our community.

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